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    Well today I will be seeing a neurosurgeon in roanoke to determine if I need back surgery. As I have said before I have fractured the L1 vertabre in my lower back twice in the past 8 weeks the first time I went on a 2 week binge on fentanyl and lortabs and it landed me in detox for 2 weeks and the second time all I have been taking is neurotin and motrin 800’s and NO narcotics (I’be been clean for 5 weeks) but the pain is brutal and is to the point of actually making me sick. I had an xray this past monday and the results are that my back looks exactly the same as id did a month ago when I got the last xrays meaning no improvement which isn’t a good sign. I just hope I won’t need surgery because if I do that will mean I will be givin some sort of narcotic because it’s a VERY serious surgery. If that happens I just pray I can get some sort of pain management because if I don’t I WILL probably die. Any one of you ever been in this kind of situation and if so how did you handle it.

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