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    Haven’t been here for awhile, and really, nothing has changed. Still drink a bottle of wine a night. Still pissed at myself I cannot quit. Was retired for two years and got bored and went back to work. Good job (CFO), and I like it. Thought this would change my drinking since I couldn’t use boredom as an excuse. Not the case… change in drinking. Got a call last week from a very old friend I hadn’t talked to in last 3 years. Turns out he joined AA, at least partly due to me ( last we talked I was pretty depressed and wanted to quit). He thought I was going to go to AA and had quit, and this gave him some impetus (not the most as he has a wake up moment). He called to see how I was doing in my non drinking life. He was actually a bit pissed that he had used me as somewhat of an impetus, and I had not followed through on my end. Bottom line is, I’m still where I was when I last posted, and while I want to quit, I am concerned about “missing it”…it’s a part of my life, and a pleasant part, and frankly, I enjoy it. It does not affect anything I do (at least to me), and I my physical health is OK, and pretty much normal, for my age (61). I still think about joining AA, but deep down inside, I’m not sure I really want to quit. On the other hand, I certainly cannot seem to become a casual drinker. Very frustrating.

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