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    Greetings everyone. I joined 12 Step National Meetings a few days ago in an attempt to hear others perspectives and prevent myself from drinking at an office holiday party. Well…can you guess what happened? My night quickly went from “stick to two beers” to pounding back shots of liquor until my eyelids closed.

    I’ve never had any problems with the law and nobody — other than maybe my roommates — knows that I drink heavily. Lately I have been questioning whether I should step away from the barstool, especially because of the family history with the liquid. Here’s my pattern: usually no drinking on week nights and i do, mostly just beer…get off on Friday, drink until Sunday afternoon…i’d say 5 to 12 drinks if i go to bar, don’t count if I’m at home or a friends place. Don’t stop unless I feel I’ve spent too much money.

    Basically I’m just curious as to what was the final straw for you? What pushed you to decide to make a change? I feel like I should consider, but nothing catastrophic has happened to me **knock on wood**. I’ve got a job, no arrests and just minimal depression…Maybe I’m just paranoid that it’s a problem because its screwed my family, right?

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