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    Channel four, Firefly Film and Television Productions in England are
    making a series of shows on addictions. As part of the series they are
    currently looking for people who are addicted to benzodiazepines. They
    are looking for people who are thinking of starting a taper or at the
    very start of their taper. The person chosen for the show will be
    followed over a period of five days in the Cygnet hospital, Harrogate.
    The show is intended to show the general public and doctors about the
    treatment involved coming off of the benzodiazepines. It will look at
    the correct way to taper, symptoms one could encounter, coping
    strategies and councelling. The doctors in the show are accredited and
    were recomended by Professor Ashton to the TV production company. The
    show will also offer aftercare for the people who take part, in their
    own home town once filming has finished. I must point out that even
    though the show is only 5 days long this does NOT mean the person will
    be detoxed in 5 days. It is only to show them at the start of the taper and how they feel about it.
    The rate of withdrawal will be slow and individualised
    according to personal needs and no one will be forced to taper at a
    rate they can’t handle.
    This would be a great opportunity to get the word out about benzos.
    The staff here at TRAP have spoken at great length with the TV
    producers and we are confident that they and the doctors are well
    informed on the benzo issue. The TV producers have spoken to various
    benzos organisations in the UK and Prof Ashton herself and we feel that
    they can be trusted. Channel4 tend to be one of the more trusted TV
    companies unlike ITV. Furthermore if someone is in the position of
    having poor services from their local NHS healthcare system this may be
    a perfect opportunity to get your benzo illness recognised and a slow
    individualised withdrawal plan started with suitable aftercare and
    follow u throughout the taper and withdrawal.
    If you or anyone you know would be willing to participate in the show
    or you want further information then please reply to this email. Every
    enquiry will be treated with the upmost privacy.


    How do you know this to be accurate? Where or how did you get this?

    Also, I’m removing those links. If anybody wants more info, they can PM you.

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