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    So about five and half months ago I decided and got the oppurtunity to go to rehab facility and get sober. With this decsion I new my life was about to change completely. I new my relaitonship with my girlfreind of eight years was probably going to end. I new that my freinds would be supportive but that those realtionships would change. I new my family would be too supportive if that makes sense. I am happier and physically feel good. I never had that pink cloud feeling as I think I new that I was about to leave everything I’ve known my whole adult life. So after four months sober I left my girlfreind and moved in with buddy who doesn’t drink. I’ve been reconnectiong with old freinds who my realationships weren’t based off partying and getting f… up. Found some of my old drinking/fishing buddies who I found out are now sober and recently started to go to meetings with. Things are positive in my life. Yet I feel as though the devil in me really wants to come out play. I want that quick self gratification of getting drunk getting laid the way I used to live my life. The life that took so much from me and me and me want to die. I know I won’t act on this and like the person that I am and am becoming. I just find it weird that I am missing the misery I think this may be just because I have made so many big changes. Just looking for support or reactions to this. Sorry about the run on sentences and spelling its been few years since I written much.

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