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    This is my first time and first post here. Unfortunately, I have spent a lot of time on another forum which deals with opiate abuse while dealing with my youngest son’s addiction. Now I find myself here to learn more about my oldest son’s alcoholism. They are my only children and I love them dearly but realize that I just cannot continue “enabling” them and being the martyr. Yes, I do know all about co-dependency all too well, sadly.

    My question is about my alcoholic son. Of course, he will not admit to being an alcoholic because he can “cut back” on alcohol and is doing so right now. He lives with a roommate (no SO) and has been “sick” for around 3 months now. His symptoms are extreme vertigo, light-headed, total body fatigue (says he feels like he has the flu without the runny nose, etc.), whenever he does any physical work or exerts himself, he feels extreme dizziness. He looks pale, clammy, is depressed, and has severe anxiety. He is also very edgy and emotional.

    He has had complete bloodwork done and a cat scan. Results showed that he is fine. The Dr. put him on ADD meds and my son says that it seems to help him “focus” better, but the symptoms remain. He will be going to get an MRI next week.

    My question is about withdrawal symptoms. Is it possible that cutting back on drinking is causing some of these symptoms? Or, if he hasn’t cut back as he says he has, could these be signs of severe alcoholism??

    I am just so worried and would like to know your thoughts. Thank you.

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