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    i used to get angry a lot with alcohol and without… like dishes not being done, being demanding, etc etc… now that i don’t drink and in recovery, i find myself not getting to upset over those things… i don’t know if it’s because the ex is gone or just because..? anyone else have any insights on this? hope everyone’s weekend went well!!



    dreaming as I have worked my program I have found anger with me is very rare today, then it does rear its ugly head in my life it is short lived, for me it has been a combination of 2 things, the #1 thing for me has been working the steps, because in the past when I was able to quit on my own anger came easily and often. Why? Because all I was thinking about was a drink, I was still a drunk and a drunk that is not drinking is irratable.

    Once I quit drinking and started changing myself from the drunk I was into the man I am today using the steps anger comes rarely and when it does it is short lived, I have learned how to deal with anger.

    For me not drinking alone made me anger far more quickly and often, the steps solved both of these issues for me. Here is the simplest way of dealing with anger for me, I use the serenity prayer:

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change.

    (Why get angry if I can not change what I am angry about?)

    The courage to change the things I can.

    (Today I change the things that anger me rather then get angry about it)

    And the wisdom to know the difference.

    (By controling my anger I find the wisdom to know the difference.)

    Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is if I apply it, hard if I do not.


    I CAN very much relate to this. I am also bipolar and alcohol and benzo’s were my way of medicating those nasty mood swings.
    Now clean and sober after 7 months, Many things about me have changed with the help of therapy and eduaction and of course the right medication combination and a good caring doctor.

    Anger used to be what I lived with day in and day out. I was angry at everyone. Now I find I am not carrying around so much anger anymore. I’m still working on patience as that is what I have the most trouble with now. I’m a very very inpatient person but I am getting better.


    Glad to see your making progress!
    :)…Way to go!

    “Anger is like drinking poison …
    and expecting the other person to die”

    Take care


    Thanks to all of you for your replies.. It just had been on my mind awhile and I thought I’d share it with ya’ll…. It had popped into my brain last night too late.. 🙂 I’m so greatful I’m learning steps to combat this.. and well, it will be a lifetime change… with the light still beaming at the end of the tunnel.

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