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    My husband is addicted to marijuana. He has been going to see a counselor for 6 weeks and has been trying to quit smoking (not very successfully). He has been communicating better with me so there has been some improvement. I have gone to two sessions with him and have learned a lot. We both like the counselor quite a bit – I have never seen my husband open up to anyone like this before, BUT now the counselor says my husband needs to go to intensive outpatient therapy. I will call the insurance to see what the coverage is tomorrow but my problem is I can’t tell if my husband sincerely wants to get better. He talks about the struggle and how he is not able to feel any pleasure in his life without smoking, and he has not been blaming me or the kids for everything lately. He does seem depressed and just can’t seem to get himself motivated to improve. He says that OP rehab can’t help him because he already knows what he needs to do he “just can’t do it”. I am close to leaving him because I can’t take living with a dead soul anymore but have decided to hang on while he at least is getting some help. I don’t want to pay for his treatment if he doesn’t really want it. Can anyone tell me how I would know if he wants help? I know it seems like it should be straight forward but for the last 6 years nothing has been straight forward with him. Thank you for any insight you can provide. Best of luck to all of you.

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