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    I have a movement disorder which I think is alcohol related. It came on around 4 years ago when I was mixing alcohol with sleeping tablets (it helped me cut from 30+ units per night to around 20). It is worst on the first day sober then gradually gets better but never perfect. However I am now on day 12 sand it has flared up really bad again, even worse than when I am hungover. I don’t know what has caused it to be so bad now.

    I have noticed that caffeine makes it worse, however when it flared up I hadn’t had any caffeine. Social anxiety makes it worse too – when I’m on my own I can relax and it is a lot easier to handle. Alcohol improves it significantly – after about 10 units I feel right as rain and can move without impediment.

    I’ve gone through treatment for it, physio, chiropractors, medication, Botox injections, but nothing seems to improve it and I’m at my wits end with it now flaring up like this when I’ve been treating myself well.

    Does anyone else have this issue and have any advice?

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