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    Well folks it seems that I’m at it again. I’m drinking a liter of Vodka and beers daily. I can’t function without it. My problem is that I’m blacking out after like only 3-4 beers. Has this ever happened to anyone? My BAC in the hospital the other night was .34! My doctors answer to this was to increase my Klonopin! I don’t know if I’m okay with this. AA “friends” won’t give me rides to meetings anymore either. They say I’m too toxic. As much as I hate certain AA folks I must say that I hate myself more. I told the doctors that I NEED Ativan for withdrawal but they don’t listen and give me Librium. I know what works best for me. These doctors don’t know anything about withdrawal. Anyways good to visit 12 Step National Meetings and my people here.

    Mr. Tib

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