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    we kicked our 23 yr old daughter out about 2 mos ago du to her drug use, long time comming,. Shes been to rehab, we’ve been fighting this for 7 yrs from coke to pills and now heroin. Found out this morning she got picked up for posession and for the needles. I at least know shes safe in jail. I just have been waiting for the phone call to tell me she died. Her court date is Tues July 6th. I hope she gets court ordered rehab. I haven’t answered any calls from her in jail, I can’t bear to hear the sorry, I won’t do it again crap. Plus the sound of her voice will rip my heart to shreads. I need to know if we are doing the right thing. She needs to figure this out herself, right? We are not planning to go to the court date. I need help!

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