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    I had a pretty bad panic attack from another relapse.. I went to the doctor to ask for anabuse.. He sent me home with paxil and klonopine..

    My problem is alcohol.. Every problem I have in life is from alcohol.. It’s plain as day.. He called to check on me, I actually took the prescribed klonopine.. I feel terrible, cant get any good sleep.. Not dreaming like I always do.. A zombie..

    I asked him about the side effects from paxil, he told me “I’ve been prescribing paxil for 20 years and its a modern miracle”…. WHATEVER… The thing I hate is, I really like my doctor, I know he thinks he’s doing the right thing for me.. But I want a clean and sober life. If sober means having a panic attack here and there, or crying on my wife’s belly sometimes… Or just being shy.. Thats who I am. What I don’t want is to drink anymore and he doesn’t seem to get it..

    He knows how much I’ve abused alcohol.. He did however say “Well, if thats what you want, I’ll prescribe it, but I don’t recommend it, I think you will try to drink on it”..

    Anyhow. sorry to vent.. I just can’t understand how doctor’s cant listen to their patients.

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