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    I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I posted based on why she’s no longer here. Crystal Meth. I am crying as I write this.

    Tammy was my first girlfriend, at 17 – my first love. We were just kids and didn’t know what we were doing, but we had fun doing it. Went to the prom together, went out on dates after my HS football and basketball games, she wore my class ring – you get the picture.

    I dated her thru Sr year of HS and went to college. She wanted to get married immediately and I was like “no way, I need an education” (this was before I became an alcoholic and could actually make good decisions). So we split up.

    I dated her off and on until I was 21 and still loved her – in fact I still do – but it was clear we had to go our own paths.

    Since I grew up with her and all of her cousins I had kept loose track of her for years. Long story short she got hooked on meth about 6 years ago, at age 41! Things got so bad her brother (who I’ve known since grade school) staged an intervention and they got her in rehab a year ago. She sobered up but the damage was done. She died yesterday of multiple organ failure.

    Damn I hate this Effing disease.

    I love you Tammy.


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