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    I think this is only my 5th post on this board, although I’ve read lots of threads.

    Quick Background Facts: Oxycodone dependent for over 8 years. Always through the so-called “legal” channels, but still a garden-variety addict, no matter how you slice it. Hit my peak consumption this past summer: about 100mg – 120mg (10 – 12 pills) of 10mg percocet a day. Oh, it would fluctuate between 60mg – 70mg a day during the Monday – Thursday part of the week, and then bump up to 100mg – 120mg on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Kind of a peculiar routine, but it was the one I established.

    Anyway, long story short is that I severed ties with my pain management Dr. and went back to my primary care Dr., told him the score, and he’s been helping me for the past three months or so with a taper-down program.

    Well, the taper-down slope is now approaching zero. I’ve been down to 12.5mg the past two days (2 1/2 5mg percocet, cut in quarters, taken as needed to stave off the withdrawal discomfort). It’s been hard to sleep (taking some valium to help, but it really doesn’t) but I’ve still managed 5 – 6 hours a night. Anyway, I’ll be taking my last crumbs of percocet next Sunday evening and night. Starting Monday morning 12/20, it’ll be cold turkey. The thinking behind the timing of this is to give my poor neglected daughters the best Christmas present I can: their father restored to them the way he used to be (although they probably can’t even remember what that man was like, since all they’ve known is the drug-addicted, minimally engaged dad for so long).

    My question for those who have traveled this road is this: I have tapered down significantly as I indicated above. When I go cold turkey a week from today, what do you think I’m facing? 3 days of hell? 5? 7? 10?

    Not that it’s going to make a difference in the final analysis–I mean, I’ve purposely put myself in the position of having no way to escape what’s coming–I just want to get an idea of how long and how bad you think it’s going to be given the facts as I have reported them above.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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