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    Hi everyone. I want to say hello and get myself out here instead of just lurking.

    I’ve finally comes to terms with the fact I have a drinking problem. I’ve been half-heartedly trying to cut back for years. (How did months turn into years?!?) I think I need to stop completely as it seems I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.

    This is going to be a long hard transition I’m fearing. Alcohol is everywhere in my life. All my family and friends are pretty big drinkers. My freaking career involves booze. I’m actually a winemaker and I sure do take my work home with me. Even my dogs are named after alcoholic drinks.

    I haven’t been feeling well recently and I believe it’s because my booze habits have gotten out of control. I used to drink just weekends. That changed to having a glass or two of wine at night and binging weekends. Now I binge probably 3-4 nights a week. I wish I knew why I just can’t keep it to a glass of wine….why does it always turn into a bottle plus? I recently have been experiencing blacking out. That scares me. What scares me more is the deep ache in my abdomen that is worse the day after drinking. WTF did I do to myself? I DO have a doctor appointment lined up to deal with this.

    I feels good to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading and nice to “meet” all of you!

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