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    Well, a day that we have known was coming and thought we were prepared for came today. We weren’t prepared. I don’t think anybody truly is.

    Nickie C. died this morning in her sleep at home as she wanted, sober and not on life support, of advanced COPD. She spend the weekend in ICU and was let out of the hospital yesterday and then was dead 24 hours later.

    Today was surreal as neither my husband nor I has had to deal with making funeral arrangements at this close of a level. I have come close but still had my dad making the ultimate decisions. It was an ordeal that drove me to drink. But I digress.

    After all arrangements were made my husband and I went to our home group, also her home group where the meeting was basically about her and the contributions she had made as far as reaching out to the newcomer. My MIL was the one who made sure to greet the newcomer and make them feel welcome, a tradition that my husband has taken on.

    It was funny, as we were leaving the funeral home his sister couldn’t wait to get to church and we couldn’t wait to get to AA. They derived their strength from their church family and their God and we from our AA family and our God. On Friday the two shall mix at the funeral.

    Please pray for my family,
    Kellye C.

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