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    Some of you may have read my past threads. I have always thought (but have never been sure) that my mother knew that my father sexually abused me. Now I KNOW that she did. She has been unwell for a while now and in hospital for a while (she has now been at home for a few weeks). We went shopping for my niece’s 21st birthday present today. We had a nice morning and went for a coffee. We were talking about the usual family stuff and she just said “you know your father always loved you too much”. I asked what she meant and she said “he never really knew how to show you how much he loved you” he “just did what he tought was right”. I was so angry that I shouted (yes shouted). So “f****ing me every chance he had was his way of showing how much he loved me. Why oh why did I say this. She just got up walked out and will not answer any of my phone calls. I am a complete idiot, she is 85, she is ill, what sort of daughter am I. I can’t see my therapist untill Monday – HELP

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