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    Call my boss, and tell her everything. I didn’t go into details with her when I was so messed up. I’m going to ask her to tell my co-works that I’m getting surgery for kidney stones, and I’m going to tell her I’m going to spend the weekend sobering up and getting thru this withdrawel. She’s very nice, but this is going to be a tough confession for me to tell.

    I can tell I’m going to be too sick to make it to the dr tomorrow, but I’m going to call him and tell him everything. It’s an hour to his office, and I’m too scared to drive the way I feel. Not drunk, just really sick from these withdrawels. Hopefully I feel well enough Fri to make the appt.

    While I’m in town, Fri, I’m going to signup with the local outpatient program and attend an AA meeting. I’ going to commit to my recovfery once and for all. This was my binge/drink.

    Any other suggestions? How does that sound to you guys?


    Do you really need to tell your boss?



    Is there any other way you can get to the doctor’s office without driving? Someone who can drive you? A cab?

    I think the A.A. and treatment part of your plan for starting recovery is a good one. Follow through on it! I don’t know your boss at all, so I can’t say if telling her is a good idea or bad idea.

    You never have to feel like this again but please get to the doctor’s office.


    Greta –

    one thing at a time.

    first thing you want to do is get some sleep – THEN maybe call inh sick to work – and tell teh doctor when you call EXACTLY what is going on.
    they’ll make time.
    I’m sure of it.

    talk to the doc first.


    I called in a drunken stooper trying to call in sick.

    I just lost it, and started crying to hard. I just came out.

    I haven’t been to work all week. I just feel it’s time she knew what I’m going thur. She’s a very kind lady – she has a degree in Divinity and used to be a nun and missionary.

    I called everyone who mattered yesterday. I want it all out in the open. I need the support and accountability. I don’t startr work until 11:00. It’s been to easy to throw down a couple of swigs before I go in.


    Couldn’t a friend drive you to the Doc.?



    @GretaG 1503282 wrote:

    I don’t startr work until 11:00. It’s been to easy to throw down a couple of swigs before I go in.

    I used to do that too. Course I started at 5:30 in the morning. It was my employers who finally forced the issue by saying I could get treatment or I could get another job. Funny (not) thing is that I was drinking before work because I was shaking so bad that if I went in, I thought they would have known for sure I was an alcoholic. Seems they figured it out anyway. (Hmmm, it just occurred to me that these days I’m up at 5:30 in the morning talking about not drinking. Guess I could change after all 🙂 )

    Now that’s out in the open, move forward into recovery and don’t look back. Getting sober and staying sober is the single best thing an alcoholic can do… for themselves but not necessarily by themselves.

    Take care,


    if you plan on telling your boss. Maybe your employer has insurance.
    I worked for a corporation that had insurance for rehabe.
    I was actaully offered rehab all bills paid and time off.
    The company had invested a lot of time and money training and sending
    me to school. it was their best interest to get me sober.
    I was a good worker, i just had alcoholism.

    i was so hard head and was in a deep state of denial. Even after walking
    off of the job, My office manager stilled continue to reached to me and
    offer me treatment. i didn’t understand alcoholism at that time.
    mmm..i was also offer treament while serving in the USAF..i denail that too.
    i thought I just has decipline problems.
    That’s my binge drinking pattern..I do good for months and months then I go on a run
    for months and months.

    yes, onething at a time.

    be stronge
    my thoughts and prayers are with you


    I should also mention that my dr is my boss’s husband.

    Iknow there’s confidentiality issues, but I just don’t want to keep lookiking over my shoulder.

    I think she’ll be very understanding.

    And something evan more amazing is that he used to work in a rebad center. I was really excited when he mentioned that yesterday. I’m looking so forward to working with him.

    He’s one one who perscribed the anti-d’swhich seem to really effect my impulse control. THat’s when the actual “passed out for days in a stooper” binging started.

    I’m going to talk to him about all of this.

    I’m reallt excited about the direction I’m taking. I can just feel it — I’m going to stop once and for all. I’m never going to feel this insanity again.

    Now, if withdrawels would just go away faster, and I didn’t feel so sick..I can really put the energy I need into this.

    I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I’m going to lie around today, and really concentrate on my plan.

    I’, so stoked. I know I’m finally going to do this. It’s like something went in my head. And I putting myself out there. It just feels like to need toget honest, and stop my alcoholiz, before it kills me.

    Yanno, even if were to get fired (I don’t think she would over my confession), it would allow me less thing to foucs on, the foucs on my recovery.

    I work for the anyway, since my husband is self-emmployed . I can always get another job…but I can’t keep trying to kill myself thie way.

    I’m’ so excitedd you guys! Herre we go!!!


    Sorry for all the typos…it’s because I’m so sick (and tired, too)


    Greta the only part of your whole plan I would change is to get to the doctor ASAP, detox can and does in some cases kill. I did not think I needed medical detox, I am very thankful that when I came clean with my doctor he convinced me to do a medical detox….. I needed it!

    The best parts of your whole plan are going to AA & being HONEST!!!!!

    Many of us are scared to death what others will think when we come out and say we are alcoholic, once we get sober we find out that almost everyone knew we were an alcoholic before we admitted it to our selfs and instead of turning thier backs on us are openly supportive of us getting help to quit drinking.

    Being honest from the beginning will eliminate people you used to drink with even thinking about offering you a drink, the only people you will find that will try and get you to drink are people with a drinking problem them selfs that are not ready to admit it and need you to drink to where they will not feel like they have a problem.

    Just keep in mind the most important thing to help you stay sober, stay in today! The past is the past, nothing can change what happened, tommorrow is not here until it is today!!!!! Simply decide to not drink today…… if you really get hurting for a drink just tell your self, “If I am going to drink, I will do it tommorrow, today I am not drinking!”

    Please talk to your doctor ASAP, do not try doing this alone.

    Keep in touch, let us know how things are going, you are no longer alone and will find that out face to face in AA.



    I am a sober alcoholic that just joined this program. I quit drinking quite a while ago but I needed a medical detox like the others are talking about. My doc put me in the local hospital and I was detoxed over a period of six days. I did not have any withdrawals the way they did it. I also had so much relief that I had made the decision to quit drinking that I was able to finally get some sleep. :emb

    To make a long story short….I had help right there in the hospital and a counselor came to see me every day. I started going to AA the day I got out of the hospital. By this time I knew I had to quit or die. I chose to quit and to accept help from others that understood where I was coming from. :Meditate:

    Please get some help from your doc right away and be very honest about how much you were drinking…it can be a matter of life or death. I will say a prayer for you to help you get to your doc and on your way.




    I think thats a good plan. Sounds like your boss will have compassion. I do agree with Taz and Barb bout hitting up the doc first thing..and as far as him discussing it w/his wife, well, that’s a HIPPA violation.

    Honey, where is your husband in all this? Can’t he drive you to the doc’s?


    great plan, keep going, great strength bringing it out in the open you CAN DO IT!



    What a wonderful beginning; not fun, but freedom is coming! Be honest. If you can’t be honest, do not invent things to say. Why add fuel to a new fire of shame and guilt? As my Wife says, Easy Man! First things first. You have a beginning. Keep the thought that this pain too shall pass. We are all routing for you and with you as you discover your new life.

    Ron A

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