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    Hello my name is Tom and I am an Alcoholic and an Addict.

    September 10th/09 I got a call from my hook up, and he said “Tom I cant get you any 80mg Oxycotins tomorrow, do you want some tonight?” Me being on a 5 week 160mg-320mg a day binge I said yeah meet me. So I meet him, gave him the money and waited. That day I already had about 300mg and was pretty messed. I got a text from him saying “got got jumped but the guy”. I was mad of coarse, but I knew what really happened. He being a fellow addict took the money and ran. He tough cause I had tons of money I would care. Anyways I said to myself as I did my last line cause I crush and sniff the pills, man I got to stop this. I been blacking out large in this binge. Walking around my bedroom yelling, punching things, waking up with shards of glass in my feet from the lamp I busted, I know all this cause my room mates told me. I was drinking on top of all that oxy using also. So I went to bed.
    September 11th/09 2:30 am. I woke up to me I guess jumping off my bed landing right on my head. My whole life flashed before my eyes. I have been hit in the head alot by thing but this by far was the worse hit ever. I alot F****d my finger up. I went right into the bathroom and looked to see if I did any other things to my body bad. I didn’t do anything else but I was sweating so much from everywhere on my body, I mean dripping I kinda wish I taped it. It was something I had never seen, like alot of sweat man.
    The next morning, well night when I woke up. I texted my family and “good” friends to tell them I am going to get help. They all know my problems. I knew what to do. Get to NA Meetings, cause I was in rehab 3 years previous. but been back out there for 2.5 years. So since then I have been clean and sober. The with drawl has been mostly emotional and a bit of soreness. But I need to take this recovery serious or I WILL BE DEAD! I thought I was that night, I really did. I have alot of people routing for me and proud of me. But I NEED to go to my meeting and make friends at NA. I have been to a meeting every night since. I love seeing the happiness they have. I want that more than anything right now.

    Thanks for reading please comment and also I had a question in a previous thread. Since I am an Addict and a Alcoholic” one just as much as another. what Meetings would you go to? Both NA cause it deals with both alc/drugs? I have been to NA meetings 4 since that night and like them.

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