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    I swore I would never drink or smoke when I was a child,. I remember I thought it was fun as a 4-7 year old dancing through the smokey haze of my fathers smoke as it lay haze through the sunlight in the livingroom windows.
    He worked very hard as an immigrant, adjusting to a new culture with his pretty wife and escaping his past.
    Party life soon followed and culture shock set in, he realised it was all not what it had seemed and people took advantage of this, soon infedelity took hold in a way I still to this day know how.
    Social cirlces are funny y’know, theres always some dick in the workplace looking for something new and he prays on the honest or weak, thats life.
    As infedelity set in my parents relationship and realising there was no shoulder to cry on as they were 100’s of mile from home and fully committed with very little money things got haywire.
    my father I was scared of, he could be great at one point and then very angry another, my brother and I got the belt often, thrown arown around by the hair and as we got older it escalated to full force drunken slaps. My mother suffered worse.
    when the divorce happened my father continually tried to win back my mother. My mother this time had had enough and had plenty of new cultural friends willing to support her.
    my brother went with my father and I with my mother…

    does anyone know what I am getting at here…I dont want to write the rest…it ended up with me being a waste.

    Im ******* fed up with life…

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