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    It’s been so long since my wife has been dreaming of the day when I’ll be sober definitely. So many times I made her down since I am powerless over alcohol. So many times she argued – she’s right -, but so many times she has felt like snatching me from the arms of this cruel illness.

    I remember the times when we went out for fun, going happy and coming back frustrated. At the beginning I had no clue whether it was an illness or whatever. Today, after studying and having better comprehension of the problem, I came to the conclusion I am powerless over alcohol. Now I have to learn how to live with it, not drunk evidently, but sober… I’ve learned that I have to stay sober just for today (24 hours).

    Today things are changing. I’m getting a new way of contemplating life; I found people who know what I feel, my wife is wonderful, she has given me the chance to find the way. I know she has been very important in of that. however, both of us have to understand that this community exists to add and give support, real support.

    Therefore, the time to make her dream come true is near. I know it will be a long life endeavor; I know I’ll have to be aware of the danger around; I know that now everything seems to be so good; but I also know that tomorrow may be the opposite of today. That’s why I will, for all my life, keep myself at home – The Treatment Addiction Centers community – I feel here is where that dream will come true.

    P.S: I’m Brazilian. Please, if I had made big mistakes in English, help me to check them out. It’s also welcomed. Thanks!

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