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    Long story short–ive been addicted to oxycodone for 3 yrs 100-150 mg a day. I have tried to stop 7 or 8 times throughout this time. I can deal with all the withdrawal effects except unrelenting constant nausea that never subsides. Anyone have any suggestions? HAVE HAD UPPER GI SCOPE, PRILOSEC, BEEN PUT ON ZOFRAN, TRIED ALL NATURAL REMEDIES INCLUDING GINGER AND PEPPERMINT. iF ONLY I DIDNT GET THE SEVERE NAUSEA EACH TIME I TRY TO QUIT THE OXY I FEEL LIKE I COULD KICK IT, BUT THE OXY IS THE ONLY THING THAT TAKES AWAY THE NAUSEA-INSTANTLY. I HAVE ENDURED UP TO 6 WEEKS THE LAST TIME BUT COULDNT TAKE THE NAUSEA SO I GAVE IN. ANY ADVICE WOULD HELP

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