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    Had a call from my neice, she has found someone to rent the house and wants to know when the house will be put into her name. See, my sister died 4 months ago from liver failure.
    After talking to her it once again killed my spirit and I just fell in a heap. Now whos the alcoholic. ME i think! Since she died 4 months ago I have been drinking every night and now I cant even think about not having it. Help me please, Im so crushed by all of this, I keep thinking about the day I found her and how her life has just gone by and been wasted by alcohol. Yet, Im the one drinking now and not caring about what it is doing to me. All I can focus on is her dead body, her life gone at 41, her house empty as all my relatives have taken everything. I cant bear this and the fact her life is over. I miss having a sister and dont know how to deal with it. How will i keep living the rest of my life without her. She was all I had (drunk or otherwise) and I keep thinking she will call, but knowing it isnt going to happen.
    How on earth do I pass all of this.
    The hardest part is that I keep seeing her face, the day I found her, dead, cold and yellow. Trying to bring her back and then realizing she had gone. This picture in my head, oh god, why did he take her, its just not fair.

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