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    I have been working so hard for such meager payoffs; why not supplement to make up for some of that wasted effort? I was taken on a wild ride by a criminal justice system that sought to rob me of my humanity. If you’re fortunate enough to be privileged and you end up on that ride, it all seems to end quickly enough. If you’re not though, you get to experience the thrills of discrimination. I found it hard not to notice the faces of the poor and disadvantaged that inhabited the criminal justice system. Trapped in the circus, they had all been made into clowns or turned to empty husks. It was pretty obvious how these people had been handled. After what I’ve been through, the satisfaction of a job well done no longer exists. I want to feel good right now, there is no doubt in my mind about it. I am unsure of almost every aspect in my life but this; I need drugs.

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