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    I currently live in FL with my g/f (same sex relationship) and my parents and 10 year old brother are in NJ. They aren’t fond of my relationship, my g/f or both. Whereas I have not asked them this time if my g/f can come with me to their house in July when we visit, in the past she hasn’t been welcome so I didn’t bother asking. We are coming there for an event for our friend. The plan now is that I come Wednesday night, spend that night, Thursday and part of Friday with my parents and leave on Friday night to meet my g/f and attend the event on Saturday. My g/f will spend those days with her friend and probably see her mother as well.

    Up until today, I was OK with this. Now I’m having second thoughts. First of, due to the situation with my g/f among other things, visiting my parents is stressful. The way I used to get through it, is to drink to the point where nothing bothers me. Now I can’t do that. I feel like I’m gonna be a ball of anxiety while I’m there and I don’t know how I’m going to deal with that. Ideally, I would love my g/f there for support, but I don’t want to make it uncomfortable for everyone due to the fact that my parents aren’t ready or whatever excuse they come up with this time. My goal during this visit, is to make it clear to them that my g/f and I are in a committed relationship and that visits such as this with me coming on my own won’t happen very often. If my brother wasn’t there, I wouldn’t even visit them in all honesty, but I want to see him, which is why I am willing to suck it all up. I just feel that all my life, I have given in to my parents and part of my drinking problem is due to that. I want to put my foot down, without offending anyone and keep my sanity. Any ideas?

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