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    have a son who is 22 yrs old. He was taking Suboxone then subutex (the first had some side effects he didnt like) From feb 08 until july4th 08, He relapsed and started taking oxycodone and benzos. Before he tried to get clean he was using about 180 mgs a day breaking the doses to 30 60 90 now he is taking 135-140 3xs a day, Its like he is in a coma he is up for 2 hours then nods off and passes out sleeps for hours again. He says he isnt moxing benzos but it sure seems like he is. The only time he drinks is when he has benzos and he has been drinking. We have given him a date of Sept 8th to go back on subutex, but the rate he is going it doesnt seem like he will live long enough or even want to get clean. If he chooses not to go ack on sub then he and hs g/f have to move. He threatens that he will die if he leave, but I think he will die either way. He had gotten a settlement so he has money in the bank. has blown over 25K in 30 days. Its heartbreaking and frustrating that he has to be the one to see what its doing, but he doesnt want to, hed rather live in a drug induced state that face what he has done to himself. Any words of experience would be welcomed. Does anyone on here take nearly as much as he does in a day? thank you

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