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    Alright, so I have been acting stupid. No alcohol involved, but the chaos is still there.

    I have been driving on a suspended license, without insurance. No excuse, I know.

    I was finally caught, and got a ticket , the cop was nice enough to let me drive my oldest to college and go straight home.

    Today, I had an appointment at the Detroit VA, in reference addiction. I had an accident on the way there.

    I am terrified to call the cops and tell them because I am afraid they will put me in jail.

    I know I am responsible, and I will pay, but I am on a fixed income Veterans Disability and cant come up with hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

    Is it just my fear of authority that is keeping me frozen like this?
    I dont know, if anyone has some words of action or wisdom for me, please tell me.


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