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    I go to AA and also NA, i will take anything around, any pill …send it my way…oh, you dont know what it is?cool me niether, guess we’ll find
    whatever the hell is around,, so i suppose you could call me a “trash can junkey”
    HEAD CHANGE?? IM THERE. BUT i am just so sick and tired of being sick, really…i know they all say it, blah blah blah. but seriosly i ant gettin any younger, i have responsibility’s tme to turn to a new chapter allredy, geesh…*banging head*
    ya know i was thinking about this, and i would put it like this, like say your going to the fair nd you are all excited and cant wait to get up there! An then you were told *Oh you can only ride the carrasel* But…but…i wanna be up there And you see all the peole having fun, and you say i wanna feel like THAT!!! but then you se comeing off the ride and a couople of them threw up and you think eeeewww sucks for him…but still you wanna get on that ride! so you tried it, and right after when you get off you throw up too. But RIDING it was just sooo much fun!* oh well it was just too much fun on that ride that im just gonna keep on going anyway.
    and over and over and over, get my point? Its a never ending process and i am pissed off at..i dont know who..but im mad that why cant omebody damn it…cuz awhy cant i just have ONE beer/just one more line” and im good. I will allways wish i were able to do that, but, no such luck
    so i keep on keep’in on trudgin that road of “happines”
    so im ill herlllllll and husband are here, and we are all healthy…THAT…is what life should be all abour, rightz?
    CRYS <3

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