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    I’m so sick & tired of ppl being ignorant in the fact that Alcoholism is an actual disease. Who gave these ppl the right to tell me its only in your head, your just a selfish person, you just dont want to live like “NORMAL” people etc etc. Now i’m sober 17 months & on a programme that works on principles before personality……………..most of the time i can mind my own business & let it over my head. I love this site & all the help i have recieved here but to be honest i’m fed up with ppl who log in to belittle the work i & so many many others have done on their soberity.
    The newcomer is the most important person to me,………………is it fair for them to hear all the BS that ignorant people shout at them.
    FACT: Alcoholism was offically reconised as A disease by the American Medical Association in 1991
    I just want ppl to sit back research our disease before they open their mouths & send another person back out to the bottle. I can look after my self but their are ppl new to all this that are very vunerable & its our job to look after them!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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