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    I have been reading throughout the posts and have read several people that say they had a bad expireience with AA and do not wish to go back. While that is fine and certainly no one is trying to force AA down anyone’s throat. Here is what I’ll say…

    It’s very possible that the reason you don’t like AA is that you haven’t found the right meeting / location. I have a club that I LOVE! I love the crappy building, the terrible coffee, the old grumpy men, the old chair, and the three fold up tables that are probably 30 years old. But some people may not like the club I go to. I have been to many meetings that I wasn’t comfortable. I just simply chose not to go back. It doesn’t mean that the people there are bad, or not in recovery, etc… It just means, for me, I have found a place I prefer. Its funny to. There is no rhyme or reason why I love the meeting place I go to. There are other meetings where people are more my age and share similar hobbies to me. But I can actually feel the goodness in the place. I know I’m cared for and that IS SOOOOO IMPORTANT.

    All I would suggest is if you have a desire to go to AA and you try it and it doesn’t click. Try several other meetings / places. You might miss a miracle that’s just sitting there waiting for you. I drive 25 miles to go to my meeting and the reason is I will go to any length to ensure my sobriety this time.

    God bless. We can all do this!!!

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