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    Want to say hi and let you know what brought me to this board, I’ll try to keep this as short as I can.

    Before I met my husband, 8 years ago, he was addicted to vicodin. He had an injury to his back and started taking it because of that and then just became addicted to it. The things that follow didn’t start happening until a few years into our mairrage.

    He would get a monthly dosage from his dr, but the pills were gone in no time. If I were to get any type of pain killer from my dr he would take the pills, sometimes even replacing them with tylonol in the pill case so I wouldn’t notice. I had to start hiding mine so he wouldn’t find them but after a while he always seemed to find them.

    When there were no pills to take he would steal money from me and go out an buy them. This ended up leaving me bankrupt because he was using all the money for pills and not bills, food or house hold expenses.

    About 4 years ago he figured out on his own, before I even gave him the ultimatium, that he needed to stop. He went to a dr who gave him soboxon which was working great for him. Things in our life got back to normal.

    Around 2 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily he’s cancer free now after colon surgey, chemo and radiation therapy. He’s been complaning about his feet and hands hurting with in the last few months which could be a side effect of the chemo, it’s called neuropothy (sorry if I spelled that wrong).

    Early this month my back started hurting again. I wanted to go to a dr who specializes in that type of thing, but he wanted me to go to a pain control dr. The dr gave me 84 pills, enough to last a month plus gave me steriod injections in my back. After a week I took maybe 10 pills, but when I looked in the bottle it was half empty. I counted them and there were only around 50 pills in there.

    When I confronted him about it he went off on me and told me that I must have taken them and not realized how many I took, and that I had better not have counted them. I told him I didn’t but hoped by lettling him know that I knew some were missing he would stop.

    I looked in the bottle the other day and I think there were maybe around 25 pills left and I only took 2 in between the time periods.

    He’s also started to go on “trips” in odd times. In the middle of the afternoon he’d run out to get gas. The other day he went out to get the “car washed”, I was going somewhere on a back road (I live out in the country) and passed him.

    I don’t know if he’s buying more pills or if he’s trading them for something else. He was in the basement the other night and when I went down he came running to the door wanting to know what I needed. He wouldn’t let me in the basement, he just took what I had to give him. I did notice there was a playing card folded in half on the table sitting on a picture that was laying down. I don’t know if that means he could have been doing something else or what? I’ve never done drugs so I don’t know too much on that subject.

    I’ve hid the rest of my pills where I know he won’t find them. I don’t want money to start missing again next.

    What do I do??????

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