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    Well more like 37-1/2 hours but who’s counting? I am at work, functioning …waiting for my ass kicking. I mean I have wicked RLS, no energy, mad back pain, diarrhea starting, but nothing severe yet. I have about 3 subs to chip on if I need to but I haven’t needed those yet.
    Is it possible my WD won’t be too bad? I mean I have used roxi 30 IR’s for the past year and a half recreationally. Up until 2 months ago it was 60-90 mg a day, with breaks here and there. The last two months it’s been a minimum of 240mg and possibly up to over 500mg a day…let’s call it a 300 avg.
    I got some clonidine from a friend and used it to help sleep last night and like I said I have 24mg of sub if needed and my wife has Kpins if that would help.
    I was anticipating a nightmare from what I read but I am really not feeling that way yet.
    I mean I expect tomorrow and Friday to suck [email protected]!!s but is it possible my body wasn’t in too deep?

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