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    I am 23 and my wife is 25. We have been together for about two years and I love her very much! She has had drug problems for the past 8 years. When we got together she was clean and about 10 months into our marriage she got back on pain pills. Turned into a different person. I didnt understand at the time.

    About four months ago she turned into a totally different person again. Nothing like her, hurt me all the time saying the worst things ever imaginable. I knew what was going on. About a week of this she told me she was leaving and said she was on drugs and doesnt love me anymore. She got back with her ex-husband and then would get back with me just totally back and fourth. The most heartbroken I have ever been words cant explain.

    About two months ago I started using very heavily with her. Using 6-8 Percocets a day. I thought it would take away the pain. But it did not whatsoever. So we still kept on fighting and going back and fourth but my love for her never changed I still put her first in my life.

    I have been clean for about 2 and a half weeks now and last week my wife came up to me and said she wants us back and doesnt want to keep going on like this. She has been in detox for the last week and took her to a rehab center about 4 hours ago. I talked to her over the last week and seen her a few times and It seems all good. Seems that she wants to work things out. Now I can’t talk to her or anything for 35 days. I have been pulled back and fourth with being with her and losing her and just sitting here I am so alone, and have no-one in my life. I dont want to go back to the way I was, the shape that I got in. My wife means everything to me and just the stress about her, all the bills we have now and the day to day stuff is just so overwhelming. I need some advice.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!!!!!!

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