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    Ive been using herion for about 2 years now and it has come to the point where it is an everyday thing. I just recently lost my job. I was living with my girlfriend and her parents and they found out right after I left there house to move back in with my parents that we were using. I have a fine to pay. My friend wrote me a bad check now I owe my bank 85 dollars and 173 for the fine. I have like 3,000 dollars in credit card bills. A 900 dollar medical bill and now Im back at home and my girl friend is living with a friend. Ive pretty much hit rock bottom. I want to go to rehab but can’t because Im a student and they wont let me withdrawl from my classes without having to pay the tuition. My dealer shorted me three bags and i got into a fight with him and now have no supply.
    Prolly a good thing but im going to be a mental wreck. I have suboxone but they dont help with the mental pain. It is destroying everything in my life and ive told my parents and they dont understand why i cant just stop. I feel so alone right now. I wish I could jus be normal again and get the drug off my mind. I guess im gonna start going to meetings. I have been to one and I personally dont see how they help. I jus wish I could go to rehab so me and my girlfriend can get a place together and enjoy the things other people enjoy. I dont enjoy anything anymore and i dont see it getting any better.
    I started off taking pills for my severe IBS problems because i didnt have insurance and they helped me function. Then I started snorting H because pill hook ups run out alot and I was getting the H so cheap 60 a bundle. It has eventaully lead to me shooting the stuff to and now I jus dont no what to do.
    I need help. Anybody have any advise for me

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