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    I have been looking here for a few days now and I decided it’s time to post. I have a condition called trigeminal neuralgia type 2 and I also had a brain surgery to try to fix the pain. The surgery fixed the type 1 but not the constant pain from type 2. I hope you are following this. I have been on pain killers for almost 2 years and didnt abuse them until about 8 months ago. I have a high tollerance to medications and I would have to take more than perscribed to “help the pain”.
    I have gone through a 4 days or more W/D every month for almost 8 months because I always run out early.
    I was also introduced to pot for nerve pain and gave it a try with no prevail. My doc gave my a drug test and it came back positive. He called me to let me know I had broken the pain contract by taking pot and he was no longer refilling my oxy. By the way I was taking 3 15 mg tabs every 3 hours or less. I was also chewing them the last 3-4 months to see if it would work faster or better.
    I have now come to realize I am an abuser of them and my head is clear after 7 days w/d. I am still smoking pot to help with the w/d and someone else gave me valuim to help.
    I have children, wife, family…I dont want to take pain killers anymore, they have made me numb to life and all I could think about is when I can take more or what time is it so I can take more. OBSESSED, for over 8 months.
    My wife wont accept the fact that I say i’m an addict or my mom…They say “It’s for a reason you take them, it’s not your fault”. I dont know if I’m just feeling guilty or just comming to the conclusion i’m an addict.
    I still have legit pain, I dont have insurance or a job…Not sure what to do now that I have no options.
    I’m sorry if this was confusing or too long, I just started typing.

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