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    I accidentally posted this on the wrong forum…

    Hello… I am Kari and I have a few questions… I am 12 days without NORCO… I have chronic back pain and neck pain due to 2 herniated disc in lower that had surgery 15 years ago and 2 pinch nerves in my neck… I was on NORCO, I thought I was crazy I was taking so many of them a day… for the last 5 months I was getting migraines, not sleeping, getting Anxiety and High Blood pressure on top of the back pain. I was prescribe XANAX for anxiety adn a migraine pill for the migraines… the Migraine medicine did not agree with me and I got really sick, thus started my detox. So with the help of my husband I wanted to get off the NORCO so on day 5 of this detox my DR called to tell me that my thryoid level was TOXIC and to get off my thyroid medicine. That this is probably what was causing all of my problems… here are my questions..

    How do you deal with family, my sister and mother are adament that I must just leave wtih the back/neck pain no matter what.

    When do you start sleeping normally?

    When do you legs quit feeling restless?

    When did you return to work?

    What do you do for the back/neck pain now that you are not taking any opiods?

    These are my only sympoms I am having except I do feel depressed and I am meeting with a therapist on Monday to help with those feelings. Part of me believes that if my thryoid had not gone off kilter that maybe I would not have needed the NORCO as much, I was only on it for 6 months.

    I meet with my Pain DR in 2 weeks to discuss options of how to manage the paind without opiod base pain pills… anyone in this situation and what are you doing?

    All your feed back will be great as these are new and uncharted waters. I have taken these opiods off and on for 10 years but not regularly, like 30 pills maybe a year if that until the beginning of this year when my work got very stressed, my financial situatation at home was stressed to the max and it seems when my thyroid levels went toxic. I literally thought my head was gonna pop or I was gonna have a heart attack. Now all of those are better except for the ones listed above….

    Thanks again and HELLO

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