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    Hello everyone. I am a 25 year old married father of one

    I have been lurking on this site for a few days now, just reading other peoples stories, thoughts…etc.

    I suppose I am looking for some sort of outreach or support for an alcohol problem I may have.

    Over the past couple years I have drank ALOT…as in for about a year pretty much every night, now granted this was with friends, at bars etc…but it slowly turned into drinking alone. I began to notice I didnt drink to just…drink. I would/could not just have a “couple beers” I wanted to always get wasted…have fun.

    On March 4th my other passed away of Alcoholic Chirossis of the liver. She has been an alcoholic my entire life and it was very difficult to watch her literally die right before my eyes. She was in the hospital for her last time for a week and a half (six days of which she was in a coma) before she died.

    IT seems so obvious that I SHOULD stop drinking especiially with a mother who JUST DIED (at age 55) from this horrible disease, but I want to convince myself that I dont have a problem and I just like to have fun.
    My wife has told me time and time again (especially in recent days) that I MUST stop my drinking…at least as much.

    Ok sorry to be rambling, first post on here and Kinda nervous but I supposed I am just looking for a support group when attempting to curb/end my drinking. But I am finding it very hard to even THINK about stopping, let alone literally wanthing to go home after I leave the office today and slam back a 12 pack.

    Thanks in advance for all those who reply 🙂

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