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    yea hi, im a 20 year old alcoholic, iv got a lovely girlfriend and friends and a family, but i really have no feelings towars them at all, all i ever think or care about is drinking, iv been drinkin over 10 cans of 500ml beer and a couple bottles of martini everyday for the past 3 years, i know its stupid, but i completely want to destroy myself, but its affecting others and i simply cannot stop which im sure you guys understand, iv tried to talk to my mum, doctor, brother and friends but they dont understand so i thought comming on here may be a change of attitude. i thought it would be nice to talk to people who understand what im talking about. im pretty much destroying every aspect of my life by drinking, my job, girlfriend, friendship, my home… know everything. i know some of you guys have been through the same, just wondering on any advice? thanks, jack

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