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    Hello, New Member here.

    I have been drinking heavily over the past 6 years or so and trying to quit for the past 2 years. I really didnt like the hangovers! Over the last 6 months I discovered drinking all day on some days off. Normally I would just have a ****** hangover but around 6 months ago it turned into a 3 day binge and then like a 3-4 day recovery. That recovery was horrible. After that i didnt have a drink for maybe 30 days. I have no idea why I decided to have a drunk after those 30 day I was bored I guess…

    Anyway I was just fighting not drinking or having a bad hangover..

    Then I had another 3 day binge, that was horrible.

    Then same thing fighting not drinking or get a bad hangover.

    On several occasions I would go several days to over a week not drinking.

    On sunday new 2-3 day binge and im suffering from it. This is day 2 of recovering and I am feeling much better. No sweats atm and stomach pain going away. Will not really be fun at work tomorrow.

    Well this is the 1st time i have really shared any of this story and it needs to stop! I hope having a place like this to share stories and kinda document how its going will help!

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