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    I’ve heard this phrase many times in my recovery – that God (HP) is righteous, has all the answers to life’s questions. I have a new insight into God’s leading that I wondered if anyone here could relate to or has feedback about.

    Beginning with the premise that God is always right, and God does not want us to be ill or to suffer with alcoholism, then when we are tempted to drink or when another person invites us to partake, we need to remember that God is right and follow Him. I think that one of the particularly devastating aspects of alcoholism is that it make us doubt ourselves – our instinct, our knowledge, our interpretation of events. At times I have doubted my sanity and my grip on reality, not to mention my own trustworthiness.

    Something I am really struggling with right now is that I don’t know why God has favored me with so much in life. Why am I sober? Why was I able to recover? Why have I been given victory over so many demons in my life when other people I care about are still struggling? I find myself wondering about God’s righteousness. At one time I trusted the advice and concern of family members and friends, and I have learned that advice is not always aligned with God’s message of strength.

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