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    well hello and happy new year!!!!!!whats up,how is everyone?been gone a few days had some problems logging on??well today im good and just chillin listen to some music and glad too be sober,tonight i will be going too party at a a.a.clubhouse and being around sober people,be a first for me on new years eve,its ok though im really enjoying being sober,my life is still anything from perfect but the way i react today is girl is in program too and we are really trying too stay sober at all cost and growing up alittle everyday we dont use or drink,lost custody of our son hes 2,my mom got him and thats her first kid and for me its my thrid,today i get too see my son almost daily and the time i spend with him is such quality time compared to the way i used too be,my son been through alot and i put him in situations i never should of,going to doct. with me selling pills coping dope,stayin in rooms in shady parts of town and soo on,**** i did in active addiction,anyway today im glad to be an ACTIVE member of a.a. and n.a. and glad of the support i can get here from people i can call famiely,i know other addicts and drunks better than my famiely anyway,hope everyone has good new years and if that urge comes go too meeting call sponser do something cause you owe yourself a chance and using for me is dying,later from the drinking capitol of the country,somewhere near new orleans,,,,i love yall:tyou

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