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    hi im new here and was just wondering if anyone had stopped useing ephedrine or speed, i have GOT to stop…but when ever i try, im so hateful to my very sweet husband of 8 yrs and 7 year old daughter not to mention all who come around ugh…im socail phobic so going outside to get treatment has been the only reason why ive not stoped b4 now, ive been using for 15 yrs …was wondering if theres maybe a sponsor friendship thing online or SOMTHING … please help…


    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings Wordy,…! Im Grateful that you found us …!
    Im an addict/alcholic…but im many more things than just that,…!

    You will find lots of answers and help, on this site…:Val004:
    I have also asbused speed…! so i can relate to how you feel…! Like crap…:eek5: …!

    Its great that your now seeing your useing for what it is …Its not until things become totally unmanagable we seek help. Do you have acssess to any Meeting s in your area and going to the Dr is also a must, as the long term damnage from seep is serious…! you might need lots of face to face working thro it…!

    Im Glad your here n Stick with Recovery,…As its far better to NOT use, Than useing anything at all…!
    Get to the Dr… and let us know how it all works out…???

    My Best Wishes go your way…:Val004:


    Arura is right, seeing a doctor is very important. S/he may also be able to help with the social anxiety issue, sometimes those are the very things that keep us sick in our addiction.

    but when ever i try, im so hateful to my very sweet husband of 8 yrs and 7 year old daughter

    You may want to prepare hubby that you’re moods will be all over the place in the beginning. The best way to explain it to the kids is that you aren’t feeling well and it may make you crabby. When you catch yourself doing it, try to acknowledge it and be sure to remind the children it is not them causing it.

    Stick around, 12 Step National Meetings is invaluable as far as support. Glad you are here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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