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    Hello all, I am not new to being a drug addict but I am new to being here! I have been dealing with this battle off and on now for about five years and it sucks.
    I am mostly addicted to pain pills vicoden and percocet! I can not believe how much something so little could destroy your life as it has mine and so many others. I did have a husband and kids but now all that has gone into the past with me being alone and more willing to go out and do what I wanted now that I had nothing holding me back. My husband was also addicted but one day out of no where came home had hickies from another man and decided to leave. I still had my children until he called social services and said I was a addict and they came and took them from me and gave them to him since he just all of a sudden stopped taking pills and was all perfect. I talked to him tonight and asked him to please come home but again I was told no so here I sit in a lost wonder trying to figure out if my life is even worth living at this point and time. I have gone through the hole getting off doing great with no help from anything else, then to being on methadone and doing great and coming off of that to screwing up again and taking one freaking pill cause of an explotion I was in and that was it, I was hooked again. I have taken cocain, crack, and that stuff does not even effect me the way the pills do. Sorry for blabbing, I just needed to go some where I could feel more at home instead of being face to face with people who have never gone through anything like what we do.

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