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    Hello all, I’ve been reading through some of the threads and thought that it might be beneficial for me to join the forum.

    First, a little about me: 39 y/o male and former Marine (4 yrs). I’m a married father of three living in South Florida. I’ve been drinking regularly since my last year of high school. Over the past seven or so years, my drinking has become part of my daily routine, 99% of the time just beer and occasionally a shot or three of Tequila. My beer consumption is generally 6 – 12 a day. I know I have to stop drinking altogether but I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer.

    I see a number of people saying that one should seek out a doctor for supervision during the initial attempt at quitting. For me, I can go two maybe three days without drinking and not have any adverse affects. Should I still see a Dr?

    If so, what kind of doctor? A general practitioner or a rehab type Doc? If the latter, does AA offer a referral type thing?

    Thanks in advance for your help. There is definitely some great advice on this board. I hope I can contribute to it in some way.

    Sorry for the rambling.



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