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    Just joined up and wanted to say hi! Gonna try sobriety again. My family wants me to get on ant-depressants. I think it’s the the 60 plus beers a week, the lack of quality sleep and the missing of functions/work due to severe hangovers. I been through in-patient and out patient before due to legal problems. Tried AA quite a few times but they were always required (due to the legal problems). Drinking myself to death is starting to sound selfish and unfair to those who care about me. I just broke up with my girl. She is about a case per week drinker. I would consider that to be me 5 years ago or so. I know she won’t quit because “she doesn’t have a problem”. Her dad was a serious alcoholic and is sober now. It would be too hard to be around her from past sober attempts. Nothing worse than an educated sobrietist. Admitting I have a problem was the easiest step. Anyway wish me luck! Great site! Day 2

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