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    I have so very much to be thankful for and many days I am not very grateful for all that I do have. Having one’s health is a huge gift. I have been sick since Thanksgiving and I am finally feeling a tad better and that is relief. The symptoms were driving me up a wall and causing me to feel huge anxiety. Anxiety will drive me to use in the past. These days I still feel the anxiety but I have to talk myself out of using to comfort out of the anxiety.

    And then I read on the internet about this mother that had lost her eyesight and had a operation to restore it in one eye. She was finally able to see her children. One she had never seen before and the others it had been at least 2 years since she had seen them. Now that is a huge gift and it made me realize that I do take so much for granted. Being clean and sober is a nice gift and having my health is the best gift and that comes from living clean and sober and being I suppose lucky to some extent that I don’t have serious medical problems. I just feel happy and peaceful. I hope we all stay healthy and safe this holiday and keep the gifts we already have.

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