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    Hi, I recently have cut back a LOT with my drinking. I tried to go cold turkey but it hasn’t worked yet. I made a goal for now not to drink during the work week.

    Friday night I had about half a bottle of red, and then Saturday night I had a really bad drinking binge. I went and hung out with my brother who is still in college – so you know THAT was not going anywhere good. I drank about a bottle of red wine, and a LOT of Crown Royal.

    Sunday I was bedridden but couldn’t really sleep and I did not drink that night. Night 1 with no alcohol. Monday night I did not drink. Night 2 with no alcohol. However, Monday night I experienced INSANE night sweats around 2AM. I wouldn’t even call it night sweats, I would call the night SOAKS. I had to change out of my pajamas and change the bedsheets it was so bad. It was like someone dumped a bucket of water on me AND my bed. Is it normal for it to be this bad, or am I suffering from some other illness and should see a doctor?

    I guess I’d just like to know why this happens…and if it’s a normal occurrence.

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