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    My fiancee has suffered from a strange lower back pain for two and a half years which, thankfully, has miraculously disappeared in the last month (long and metaphysical story on that one). CT scans, MRI’s, radiograms, chiropractors, massage therapy…nothing helped to either diagnose or relieve the pain. We simply exhausted our resources. The pain became so acute and chronic that the only thing to even dull the pain was Norco. A lot of Norco. She hated the high feeling, but it was the only thing that helped.

    When the pain finally stopped, she set aside a few days to detox here at home. As I write this, she’s going into her 4th detox day. However, she’s sleeping soundly for the first time in 3 nights. I’ve been up keeping watch when she does wake up the past 3 nights, and I’m exhausted. To be sure, I’m nowhere NEAR feeling how SHE’S feeling right now.

    Her body is still wracked with neuro-muscular pain because her brain’s pain receptors are essentially “naked” without the opiate inhibitor. She’s still very weak. Her intestinal tract has been constantly flushing out the opiate, and the liquid portion of her stools is bright yellow. She’s taken several hot baths trying to relax any tightened muscles. She’s snapped at me a few times like she had Tourette’s, then she immediately starts crying. Not regular crying. A sad and desperate crying, like she’s lost all hope. Through her tears, she begs me to help stop the pain. And all I can do is just gingerly hold her and tell her she’s doing fine and that she will make it through this.

    I have to get some sleep. She seems to be okay right now. I can hear her softly snoring. Or is that our dog, Katy? hehe I love them both so much. I can’t wait till she’s herself again, like she was two years ago. 🙂

    She’s had bariatric gastric-bypass surgery back in November 2005. I think she’s becoming dehydrated because of the loose stools, and because she can’t take in as much water as she’s eliminating. I know this is normal for her, but I’m still scared. :praying

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