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    Well…….I F-ed up. I posted on here a little bit a few weeks ago. Maybe a month-I don’t remember.
    Well 2 weeks ago I had a few gulps of Jager from the bottle, I think I remember taking 2-4 Klonopin [what I was prescribed], and hitting my head on the wall resulting in a large lump over my eye and 2 black eyes. This happened on a Tuesday night. Then I fell asleep. Come Wednesday I was in and out all day in some what of a coma….I remember texting my therapist, calling ppl., taking a shower….then before I knew it Thursday 5AM came and I found myself in the guest room bed frantically calling people to come help me. I was home alone.
    I spend all day Thurs. in the hospital-taking blood, did a CT scan and urine sample. they wanted to take me to a local rehab but the funding for transportation ended in early Dec so they instead allowed me to go to my aunt’s home. I stayed there for a couple of days.

    Anyway……so we [parents and myself] have a rehab place picked out-now it’s about funding. There are local AA meetings but my damn shyness gets the best of me and I don’t want to go-simply because I don’t know anyone. Such a silly reason.

    I feel fine today……my parents have hid all the alcohol-which I find insulting because I won’t go around trying to find it. I figure that event that happened to me caused me to never want to drink again. I feel shame and embarrassment enough….

    I think when I first posted on this website I mentioned something about getting withdraw sickness about a month ago. I had a sip of red wine 2 days ago.
    The bruising around my eye has gone down pretty much all the way and the lump is almost gone.

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