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    …we can resume our tireless conversation. Conversation is good, especially the innovation of mass written coversation, people can read it years from now and still get something out of a coherently ping-ponged conversation – that being said I had some rather profound ideas while putzing home from work shouting Manowar lyrics (if black teenagers can rap walking down the street without anyone thinking it’s weird I’ll be damned if I can’t scream heavy metal loud as it can be and I’ll be further sentenced to damnation if I’ll acknowledge those horrified expressions with a rational response or appropriate sense of embarrassment).

    But we’ll not get into what it is socially acceptable for people of different racial backrounds to do yet dually unacceptable for others as I fear the tumult that would ensue would result in my permanent banishment from these great halls of recovery and stuff.

    How are you guys? Good I hope? Voices in your head not bothering you too much? Keeping the razorblades away from your wrists and the chemicals out of your intelligently designed digestive and circulatory systems? Not bitching and moaning for “no reason” too much? That’s good.

    I had a point before I started this post but got carried away making infantile noises at the cat – and that’s what life is about isn’t it? Not confounding housepets on the lower end of the intelligence scale for their species with stupid noises, but living in the moment.

    Hear it often enough and it sounds as stupid and cliche as every other stoic wisdom that is repeated ad nauseum – it is not until you understand that its function is to not let us get too carried away with any one thing in particular – to prevent us from obsessing, if you will – and you experience and are fully aware of – first hand – how well it carries out its function that you fully understand another word that is thrown around and thus devalued, in this case to soap-opera levels – freedom.

    Being inflicted with this revelation is one of the greatest things you could be hit with. Now you can understand how slaves and innocent prisoners endure. If you’ve not allowed your mind to be controlled by your basal brain then how can someone elses or a million against your mind mind do it where you’ve failed despite all frantic attempts to do so?

    I delivered a somewhat poetically driven rant about this subject matter while in a condition of relative temporary insanity due to lack of sleep (not amphetamine, overworking myself) last week that illicited from those whose auditory environment it invaded and whose reality it shattered my two favourite responses – laughter and ovation. Joy and fervour. A positively religious speech. In reflecting on all the stuff that comes out of my mouth – most of it obviously being ponderous nonsensical horse **** – a pile of diamonds was bound to fly out at some point.

    I swore to myself that I would try to recapture whatever it is that I said into a written thought and I left most of either the meat or potatoes (whichever phallic symbol you associate with validity) out there are certainly many banana peels to slip on, and I had forgotten about it until this morning in experiencing the sheer justified sense of empowerment I felt in being free. No thinking and rationalizing – just pure feeling and acknowledgment, joy and noticing.

    The mind has the ability to alter perception so profoundly so as to be rather permanently transcendent – rather more effective than the temporary revelations that things like entheogens and very powerful, enslaving emotive responses can produce.

    Despite all thinking that tells you that it cannot possibly be that simple to stop thinking so much (no self-aware machine wants to be shut off!), it is simply as simple as stopping it and not doing it. I can simply find no more descriptive thing to say about it, it’s that simple.

    If this post was of any use-value to you, I hope it made you laugh, I think everyone here could use a good deal more of that, but then again so could everyone. Alright enough I’m starting to make myself sick now.

    Happy trails 🙂

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